Two letters and several calculations on the sugar colonies and trade; addressed to two committees nominated by the West-India merchants, &c

Publication Date1738
RemainderWith an appendix: containing, I. Four letters, concerning the flourishing condition, large extent, and prodigious increase of the French sugar colonies; the poverty, weakness and their vast importance to the trade, navigation, wealth and power of this nation. 2. Some proposals formerly presented to a great minister of state, for the preservation and advancement of the British sugar colonies, and interests in the West-Indies: with an addition of several notes thereon. By Mr. Bennett, late agent in the West-Indies, to the South Sea and Royal Assiento Company of Great Britain; and to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts
PublisherPrinted for R. Montagu, at the book ware-house, the general post-office, in Great Wylde-street, near that end of Great Queen-street, next Drury-Lane




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