Most important transactions of the sixth session of the first Parliament of His Majesty King George II. Anno Domini, MDCCXXXIII

Publication Date1733
RemainderContaining, I. A true copy of the excise-bill, intitled, a bill for repealing several subsidies, and an impost now payable on tobacco of the British plantations; and for granting an inland duty in ink thereof. II. The Right Hon. John Barber, Esq; lord mayor of the city of London his speech to the Court of Aldermen and Common Council on the impending dangers of the excise scheme, and the petition delivered thereupon to the Parliament by the sheriffs of London the day before the excise-bill was put off. III. A list of the one and twenty court and country gentlemen, who were put up, against each other, to be chosen by ballot, to be a committee to enquire into the frauds of the customs. VI. A true state of the national debt, provided or unprovided for by Parliament, as it stood, Dec. 31, 1731, and Dec. 31, 1732. Together with the produce of the sinking fund, and to the payments of what debts contracted before Dec. 25, 1732, the same has been apply'd. Also in this pamphlet are inserted, the lords protests in the said session of Parliament. And a compleat list of all those gentlemen of the House of Commons as voted for or against the late excise-bill; in which the errors of those before published, are corrected, and justice done to the gentlemen on both sides of the question
Extent34,[1]p., plate
PublisherPrinted for W. James in the Strand, and sold by the booksellers and pamphlet-sellers in town and country


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