A catalogue of a valuable and extensive collection of books

Publication Date1793
RemainderContaining many rare and curious articles in the sinest preservation; including the libraries of the Rev. Mr. Spry, of Yardley, Herts; and Dr. Poole, of Lewes, Susse, deceased: and several other collections recently purchased.-among them are Folios. Biblia Hebracia, a Kennicot, cor. russ. Nov. Test. Gr. Wetstenii, 2 tom. cor. russ. Diodorus siculus, Wisselingii, 2 tom. Herodotus, Gronovii, Gr. & Lat. Poetæ Græci principes, Stephani Pausanius, Kuhnii, Gr & Lat. Scriptores Historiæ Romanæ, 3 tom. Vitringæ comment. in Jesaim, 2 tom. Virgilii Opera, Burmanni, typis foulis histoire de France, par Mezeray, 3 tom. Museo Florentio con supplemento, 12 vol. Gruteri corpus inscriptionum, Græii, 2 tom. Plinii Historia Nat. Hardaini, 2 tom. Passerii picturæ etruscorum in vasculis stoschii gemmæ antiquæ, cum fig. Wolsangii Theatures universals, 2 tom. avantures de telemaque, aeec fig. Antiche Statue Greeche e Romani, cor. russ: ... Quartos. Lucan, Strawberry-hill Russhead's statu's, 12 vol. elegant Boyle's works, russia extra Gibbon's Roman History, 6 vol. russia elegant Baskerville's addison, russia extra Bacon's works, russia Cooke's voyages Evelyn's Sylva, russia Pope's works, 5 vol. elegant Lock's works, 4 vol. elegant Blackstone's great charter, l. p. Drury's natural history, coloured ellis's natural history of coralines Harris's English insects, coloured Hume's history of England, plates Baskerville's classics, 7 vol. Virgillius edit. opt. Terentius Westerhovii, 2 tom]. T. Livius Drakenborch, 7 tom. Lucretiuis, Havercampi, 2 tom. Herbelot Bibliotheque Orientale, 4 tom. Encyclopedie, ou dictionnaire universel, 58 tom. avec les planches, coufu Which are selling very reasonable by Shepperson and Reynold booksellers and stationers, No. 137, Oxford-Street; who give the full value for libraries or parcels of books, or excl

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