Onania: or, the heinous sin of self-pollution

Publication Date1776
Remainderand all its frightful consequences (in both sexes) considered, with spiritual and physical advice to those who have already injured themselves by this abominable practice. THe twenty-first edition, as also the twelfth edition of the supplement to it, both of them revised and enlarged, and now printed together in one volume. As the several passages in the former impressions, that have been charged with being obscure and ambiguous, are, in these, cleared up and exlained, there will be no more alterations or aditions made
Extentviii, 328 p.
Publisherprinted for, and sold by Mrs. Cooke, under the Royal-Exchange, Cornhill; W. pedtingham, the corner of Essex-Street, facing St. Clement's-Church in the Strand; and Mr. Corbett, near Temple-Bar

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