The charter and grants of the Company of Stationers

Publication Date1741
Remainderof the city of London, now in force, containing a plain and rational account of the freemen's rights and privileges, Fairly produced, and, where necessary, impartially explain'd. In order To ascertain the Authority annexed to the Office of Master and Wardens, And To redress the Hardships and Miseries of the injured and oppressed Freemen. To which is added, an appendix: shewing, that the court of assistants was imposed upon the freemen by a charter granted by Charles II. Which, because It was found unreasonable, oppressive and illegal, Was Revoked, and made null and void By An Act of Parliament in the 2 W. & M. So that Upon the whole, it will be found to be expresly ordain'd and granted, That the said Company must be governed by Master and Wardens only: That the Master and Wardens must be elected and removed at Pleasure by the Freemen for ever: And, That the Profits of the English Stock must be for the Help and Relief of the Poor Freemen, and not for the Support of the Master, Wardens and Assistants, and their Relations and Dependents
Publisherprinted by R. Nutt, in the Old Baily

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