A new abridgement and critical review of the state trials and impeachments for high-treason

Publication Date1738
RemainderFrom the reign of King Richard II to the remarkable trial of Captain Porteoys in the tenth year of the reign of his present Majesty King George II. The whole containing, I. The substance of the indictment or charge. II. The evidence. III. The prisoner's defence. IV. The several points of law arisirg. V. The event or the trial, or fate of the prisoner, &c. In this abbridgement are inserted also, order; and many deficiencies throughout the whole supply'd with law in criminal cases anciently was; and how it has been alter'd, and stands at this time. Likewise, impartial memoirs of the and characters of the to which is added, A compleat of the names of the prisoners tried; the times when; their crimes, and punishments. By Mr. ... editor of the
PublisherPrinted for and ... against Stationers-Hall; ... on Ludgate-Hill; ... next the Leg-Tavern, and ... in Bolt-Court, Fleet-street; ... and ... without Temple-Bar, and at their Shops in York and Scarborough


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