Remarks upon remarks

Publication Date1723
Remainderor some animadversions, on a treatise wrote by one who calls himself Dr. Gardner, others say, Daniel De-Foe. Intitled remarks on Febrifugum Magnum, wrote by the reverend Dr. Hancocke, for the general good of mankind. The Remarker's Dedication to the President, Censors, and others of the College of Physicians Considered, and of the rest in as good Order as the Perplexed and Confused Nature of the said Pamphlet would admit, without Partiallity or respect of Persons. To which some accounts are added of the use and abuse of common water, in many distempers, not taken notice of by any of them. With an Hudibrastick reply subjoyn'd, by way of appendix, to the sarcastical Gabriel John's flagellum, or a dry answer to Dr. Hancocke's wonderfully-comical liquid book, &c
Publisherprinted by S. Collins, in Black and White-Court in the Old-Bailey, and sold by J. Isted, at the Golden-Ball near St. Dunstan's-Church in Fleetstreet; and T.Crouch, at the Bell in Pater-Noster-Row, Booksellers


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