The trader's pocket companion

Publication Date1760
Remaindercontaining, correct tables, ready calculated, of universal use to merchants, shopkeepers, mechanicks, and to all other persons in any kind of business, viz. A Table calculated to shew, at one View, the Value of any Quantity of Goods, Wares, or Merchandise, at any Price, adapted to all Capacities; and its particular, general, and extensive Use, shewn by many and various Examples. A Table of universal Use, demonstrated by the Solution of various Questions in Multiplication, Division, Reduction, Merchandising, measuring Superficies and Solids, Gauging, Surveying, &c. Twenty-Five Geometrical Problems, with their assigned Figures, applied to Measuring, Gauging, Surveying, &c. A Table calculated to discover, at one View, the different Discompts upon any of the Branches of the Customs, upon imported Goods, from one Farthing upwards. A Table for the more easy reckoning Salaries or Wages, by discovering, at one View, what any yearly Salary, Wages, or Estate, amounts to by the Month, Week, or Day; and, contrary, what any daily Salary amounts to by the Week, Month, or Year. A Table for casting up Interest at any Rate, for any Number of Days. By John Hewitt, Accomptant, Author of the Tables of Simple Interest, Corn-Dealer's Assistant, &c
Publisherprinted for C. Hitch and L. Hawes, G. Keith, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, S. Crowder and Co. B. Law and Co. C. and R. Ware, J. Fox, T. Hope, and E. Withers


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