The young student's memorial book, or pocket library

Publication Date1736
Remaindercontaining, I. The rudiments of logarithms, decimals, and algebra, in great Variety of Rules and Cases. II. A very large Collection of Theorems and Canons for solving Questions and Problems in the various Parts of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Fluxions. III. Rules, Theorems and Canons, resolving all the useful and common Problems in the Mathematical and Mechanical Arts and Sciences; viz. Mensuration, Gauging, Conies, Plain and Spherical Trigonometry, Navigation, Fortification, Gunnery, Astronomy, Dialling, Optics, Perspective, Architecture, Mechanics, Geometry, &c. IV. A large Collection of Mathematical Tables: serving to various Purposes of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geography, Chronology, &c. with a Perpetual Almanack, adjusted to the present Year, 1735. V. An Apparatus of the common Mathematical Lines, for the Operation of any Question or Problem, as is perform'd by the Plain Scale, &c. By Benjamin Martin
Publisherprinted for J. Noon, at the White-Hart in Cheapside; near Mercers-Chapel



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