The negociator's magazine

Publication Date1730
Remainderof monies and exchanges. In three parts. Part I. Contains advice and instructions, relating to Bills of Exchange, the Monies of one Country compared with another; the way to know what one Country gets of another at any Time by the Exchange; as also, an Account of the English Gold and Silver Coins, the Weights and Fineness, and the several Alterations they have undergone for near 500 Years past, with their present Standards and Weights at this Time. Part II. Shews the real and imaginary monies, the current Prices of the Exchanges; and the Method to calculate them for most Places in Europe, with the Distinctions of Bank and current Money, and the ways of casting up the Agio's, &c. Part III. Contains arbitrations of the exchanges, and that Universal Rule made use of by Merchants and Negociators in all their Reductions and Calculations, both in the Exchanges of Monies, and Reduction of Weights and Measures of different Countries; as also, how Exchange is reckoned; of Brokerage and Provision, with useful Observations upon the Prices or Courses of the Exchange. By Richard Hayes, Author of the New Method for valuing Annuities upon Lives, &c. And Teacher of Merchant Accounts, at the Corner of Princes Street, facing Stocks Market
Publisherprinted for W. Meadows at the Angel in Cornhill



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