The young book-keeper's assistant

Publication Date1798
Remaindershewing him in the most plain and easy manner, the Italian way of stating debtor and creditor; with Proper and instructive Notes under every Entry in the Waste-Book, (where necessary) by which the Method of Journalizing is rendered more easy and intelligible; and also the like Notes in the Journal and Ledger, inserted by Way of Information, how to post the Journal, and correct Errors in the Ledger: Wherein there are a great Variety of Examples, not only in the common and ordinary Way of buying and selling, but in that of trading beyond the Seas, both for a Merchant's Self and in Company. All which is contained in two Setts of Books, directing the Learner, not by Precept only, but by Example, how to draw out a new Inventory from the old Books, and insert it in the new ones; and the Trade continued as if it were in the real Shop or 'compting House. To which is annexed a synopsis or compendium of the whole art of stating debtor and creditor, In all the Circumstances of Book - Keeping, both in Proper, Factorage and Company Accompts, Domestic and Foreign. The whole Designed for the Use of Schools in Great-Britain and Ireland, and in the English Plantations and Colonies abroad; for the Help and Assistance of Merchants in their several 'compting-Houses; and for Young Gentlemen at their first Entrances on their Mercantile Apprenticeships. The like for Benefit to the Scholar and Ease to the Master, not extant. The thirteenth edition. By Thomas Dilworth, Author of the New Guide to the English Tongue, Schoolmasters Assistant, &c. &c
Publisherprinted and sold by Richard and Henry Causton, (successors to the late Mr. Henry Kent) at the Printing Office, No. 21, in Finch Lane, near the Royal Exchange


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