The young clerk's tutor enlarged

Publication Date1705
Remainderbeing a most useful collection of the best presidents of recognizances, obligations, conditions, acquittances, bills of sale, warrants of attorney, &c. also Names of Men and Women in Latin, Day of the Date, the several Sums of Money, and Addition of several Trades, in their proper Cases, as they stand in the Obligations. With Directions of Writs of Habeas Corpus, Certiorari, Writs of Errors, &c. to all Cities and Towns Corporate, Hundred and Mannor Courts. Likewise the best Presidents of all manner of Concords of Fines and Directions how to sue out a Fine with many judicious Observations therein. With many other things very necessary, and readily fitting every Man's Occasion: As by a new and exact Table of what is contained in this Book, will appear. To which is annexed, several of the best copies both of Court and Chancery hand now extant. By Edward Cocker
Publisherprinted for, and are to be sold by Robert Battersby, at Staple Inn-Gate in Holborn, and Robert Pawlet, at the Bible in Chancery-Lane



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