The frisky jester; or, The cream of the jest, and the marrow of the tale

Publication Date1773
RemainderConsisting of a banquet of wit for the laughter-loving crew. Containing a dish of fun for every palate, from the peer to the peasant, or from the superb drawing-room to the humble cot. Finely relished, and highly seasoned. Consisting of laughable stories, diverting tales, poignant jests, keen repartees, interesting bon mots, bulls a la Dublin, in the true Hibernian taste, luscious double entendres, pointed epigrams, paradoxical enigmas, rebuses, conundrums, &c. &c. &c. Together with a curious collection of celebrated songs; and a great variety of new toasts and sentiments. By Roger Rubyface, Esq. common council-man of Port-Soaking ward
Extent58+ p.
Publisherprinted for G. Lister, No. 46, Old Bailey


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