The Lords protests in the last session of Parliament, which began to be holden at Westminster on Thursday the 13th of Jan. 1731. and ended on Thursday the 1st of June 1732

Publication Date1732
RemainderViz. I. On the third rejecting the Pension-Bill, Die Jovis 17 Februarii 1731. II. On the Bill for punishing mutiny and desertion, Die Jovis 24 Februarii 1731. With the reasons given by several of the Lords against the keeping up a standing army in time of peace. III. On the first reading the Salt-Bill, Die Mercurii 29 Martii 1732. IV. On the second reading the Salt-Bill, Die Veneris 31 Martii 1732. To which is annexed, A state of the national debt, provided or unprovided for by Parliament, as it stood the 31st of Dec. 1730. and the 31st of Dec. 1731. Together with an account of the produce of the sinking fund in that year, and to the payment of what debts contracted before the 25th of Dec. 1716. the said fund has been applied. With the Pension-Bill versify'd.
Extent16 p.
Publisherprinted for W. James, without Temple-Bar


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