A catalogue of a genuine collection of books, in most languages, the property of two gentlemen

Publication Date1794
RemainderAmong them are, Kippis Biographia Britannica, 5 vol. Hargrave's Coke on Littleton. Dugdale's Baronage, 2 vol. Ames Typographical antiquities, by Herbert, 3 vol. Hawkesworth's Voyage, 3 vol. first impressions of the plates. Desagulier's Experimental philosophy, 2 vol. Maclaurin's Fluxions, 2 vol. Taylor's Demosthenes, 2 vol. Petronius Burmanni, 2 vol. Aristophanes, 2 vol. Bergleri, Livius a lallemand, 7 vol. Plinius a Brotier, 6 vol. Bell's Theatre, 21 vol. Johnson and Steven's Shakespeare, 10 vol. Malone's Shakespeare, 11 vol. Lavater's Physiognomy, by Holcroft, 3 vol. Analytical review, 11 vol. Ancient and modern universal history, 60 vol. elegant, &c. &c. Which will be sold by auction, by Mr. King, at his great room, King-Street, Covent-Garden, on Wednesday, November 12, 1794, and two following days,9 at twelve o'clock. To be viewed on Monday the 10th instant till the sale
Extent23, [1] p.
PublisherAnd catalogues then had at Mr. Sewell's, Cornhill, Mr. Johnson, St. Paul's Church Yard, Messrs. Shepperson and Reynolds, Oxford Street, and at the room


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