A just and lawful tryal of the teachers and professed ministers of this age and generation, by a perfect proceeding against them

Publication Date1657
RemainderAnd hereby they are righteously examined, and justly weighed, and truly measured, and condemned out of their own mouths, and judged by their own professed rule, viz. the scriptures, and thereby are proved to disagree, and be contrary to all the ministers of Christ in former ages; and to agree and concur with all the false prophets & deceivers in their call, in their maintenance, and in their doctrines, and conversation, and practice. And being brought to the bar of justice, these things are truly charged against them, and legally proved upon them, and their own professed rule (the scriptures) have judged them guilty. Whereunto is added, A short description of the true ministry of Christ; and of its lawful and just maintenance, according to the Apostles examples, and now again justified by the people of God called Quakers, in England. By a friend to England's Common-wealth, for whose sake this is written and sent abroad. E.B
Extent[2], 22 p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate



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