The muses choice

Publication Date1754
Remainderor, the merry fellow. Being a collection of wit and humour, Diversified with an uncommon Variety of Merry Tales; Pointed Satires; Pastoral Eclogues; Humourous Descriptions, Comic Characters in High and Low Life; Songs, English, Welch, Scots and Irish; Rebusses on Drinking Glasses, &c. Epigrams, smart and tart; Epitaphs, odd and curious, &c. &c. All calculated for the Improvement and Diversion of the Young and the Gay, the Sportive and Facetious; and suited to promote Mirth in Good Company, or divert a melancholy Hour. Extracted, partly, from the works of the most celebrated authors, such as Congreve, Pope, Swift, Gay, Prior, &c. and, partly, from originals,taken from private Manuscripts
Publisherprinted for R. Whitworth, at the Feathers, in the Poultry; J. Warcus, at the Indian-Queen, opposite the Mansion-House ; R. Richards, next Barnard's-Inn, Holborn ; W. Mynors, at the Corner of Chancery-Lane, Holborn ; and W. Heard,at the Philobiblian's-Library, Piccadilly



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