A treatise concerning trespasses vi et armis

Publication Date1704
RemainderWherein the nature of trespass is clearly explicated, and the Gift of the Action stated, and by whom such Actions may be brought, and against whom and how to be laid. Together with the Forms and Learning of Writs, Declarations and Pleadings, in reference to all sorts of Torts or Wrongs done to a Man's Person, Estate or Interest. And also wherein is contained all the Learning of our Law concerning Pleadings and Bars by way of Excuse, Justification, Concord, Amends, &c. With the general Rules of Pleading in this Action, and particular Rules applied to every Case. Together also with a clear and methodical Discourse of the curious Learning of Traverses, of Replications in this Action; and of Evidence, Verdict, Damages, Costs and Judgments therein. To which are added References to Presidents and Entries proper to each Title. A Work very Useful for Students and Practisers of the Common Law. By the author of Lex customaria
Publisherprinted by the assigns of Richard and Edward Atkins Esqs; for J. Walthoe in the Middle Temple Cloyster

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