A new introduction to trade and business

Publication Date1758
Remaindervery useful for young gentlemen and young ladies. Wherein is contained great variety of receipts for money, &c. Promissory Notes, Bills Of Exchange, Bills Of Parcels, And Bills ON Book-Debts. With ample instructions how to Form Them. Interspersed with Several Instructive Exercises, Week's Expences, Disbursements, Goods bought at Sales, &c. To which are added, I. A List of the most common Abbreviations of Words for the Dispatch of Business. II. Proper Forms of Address to Persons of High Rank, and those in Public Offices, &c. III. Arithmetical Tables of Weights and Measures. IV. A new Set of Questions to exercise the Learner in several of the Rules of Arithmetic, by Way of Amusement, as well as Improvement. V. A Mercantile Dictionary. VI The Explanation and Use of the Frontispiece or Perpetual Almanac. Designed for the use of schools, and Youth in General
Publishersold by Paul Vaillant , over against Southampton street, in the Strand ; Luke Hinde , at the Bible, in George-Yard, Lombard Street ; Jonathan Scott , at the Black Swan, in Pater-Noster Row ; Christopher Henderson , under the Royal Exchange ; Peter Hudson , at his School in St Martin's le Grand ; and by John Dean, Schoolmaster in Angel-Court, Snow-Hill


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