Christian love, as exemplified by the first Christian church in their having all things in common, placed in its true and just point of light

Publication Date1773
RemainderIn a sermon, preached at the Thursday-lecture, in Boston, August 3d. 1773. From Acts 4. 32. Wherein it is shown, that Christian churches, in their character as such, are strongly obliged to evidence the reality of their Christian love, though not by having all things in common, yet by making such provision, according to their ability, for their members in a state of penury, as that none of them may suffer through the want of things needful for the body; and that deacons are officers appointed by Christ to take care of his poor saints, making all proper distributions to them in his name, and as enabled hereto by the churches to which they respectively belong. By Charles Chauncy, D.D. Pastor of the First Church in Boston
PublisherPrinted by Kneeland & Davis, in Queen-Street, for Thomas Leverett, in Cornhill


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