The harlot's progress

Publication Date1732
Remainderor, the humours of Drury-Lane. Being the life of the noted Moll Hackabout, in six hudibrastick cantos, with a curious print to each canto, engrav'd from the originals of Mr. Hogarth. I. Her coming to Town in the York Waggon; and being betray'd by an old Baud into the Arms of Colonel Ch-s; with several Comical Dialogues, &c. II. Her being kept by a Jew; with her Intrigues in his House. III. Her living in a Baudy-House in Drury-Lane. A diverting List of the Decorations of her Lodging. Her being detected by Sir Jn G---n, &c. IV. Her Usage at Tothil-Fields Bridewell; and the Humours of the Place. V. Her Sickness and Death. Disputes between two noted Quacks. Her last Will. VI. Her Burial. Characters of the principal Persons who constituted the Funeral Pomp, &c. The Fifth Edition. To which is now first added, a curious Riddle, which Moll learned of the Jew, while in his keeping, and which the learned Col. Ch-s could never answer to her full Satisfaction
Publisherprinted for R. Montagu at the General Post-Office, the Corner of Great Queen-Street, near Drury-Lane ; and sold by Mrs. Nut at the Royal Exchange ; Mrs. Dod without Temple-Bar ; Mr. Brindley in New Bond-Street ; Mr. Jollife in St. James's Street ; and Mr. Stag in Westminster-Hall

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