A compleat history of Arianism, from the origin of it in the year 306 to 1666; shewing its influence upon civil affairs; and the causes of the dissolution of the Roman Empire

Publication Date1735
RemainderTo which is added, the history of Socinianism, translated from the French of the learned Fathers Maimbourg and Lamy. Also two introductory discourses, I. Concerning the nature of error in doctrines meerly speculative, shewing, that the belief of such doctrines may be required of us as necessary terms of salvation; wherein also the case of positive institutions is particularly considered. II. Shewing that the doctrine of the trinity is not meerly speculative. With an appendix, containing an account of the English writers in the Socinian and Arian controversies. By William Webster, M.A. Curate of St. Dunstan's in the West. Publish'd at the request of the Reverend and Learned Dr. Waterland
Publisherprinted for John Brindley at the King's Arms in New-Bond-Street; Olive Payne at Horace's-Head in Round-Court in the Strand; John Jolliffe at the Bible in St. James's-Street; Alexander Lyon in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden; and Charles Corbett at Addison's-Head without Temple-Bar


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