The trial of the Right Hon. Ann, Countess of Cork and Orrery

Publication Date1784
Remainderat the Consistory Court of Doctors Commons, upon a libel, charging her with committing the crime of adultery, and violating her marriage vow. A trial of the most extraordinary nature. The principal Witnesses, &c. being John Charles Newby, of the Hay Market Theatre, Musician; Elizabeth Cross, House-Keeper to Lady Cork; Ann Newman, Lady's Woman to Lady Cork; Alexander Rice, Box-Keeper to the Hay Market Theatre; Nathaniel Vick, Footman to Lady Cork; the Rev. Dr. Eyre; John Colledge, Lord Cork's Gentleman; Susannah Jones; Thomas Sutliff; James Durham; Sophia Van Ryne, spinster; Robert Brown; Martha Brown; George Bulkley, Musician, at the Hay Market Theatre; William Jones; Thomas Gray; Elizabeth Brown; Ann Lambert, Servant to Lady Cork, &c. Taken in short-hand, by a civilian
Publisherprinted by S. Colbert, No. 136, Capel-Street. This Trial is not divided into two Parts, but the Whole is comprized in this One Volume


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