The tricks of the town laid open: or, A companion for country gentlemen

Publication Date1746
RemainderBeing the substance of seventeen letters from a gentleman at London to his friend in the country, to disswade him from coming to town. I. The country gentleman is caution'd against coming to London, and his mistake shew'd with regard to his city conversation. II. The pleasures of a country life are vindicated, and asserted to be preferable to that of a town one. III. The country has the same opportunities of improving our knowledge as the town. IV. A general reflection on the mannner and humours of the town, with a description of the present state of it. V. A disswasive against idleness, with the character of a sot. VI. The characters of a beau and a gamester. VII. The humours, customs and tricks of the playhouse, are discover'd and expos'd. VIII. A continuation of the humours of the playhouse, with observations on their constitution, and manner of government. IX. The humours, tricks and cheats of the tennis-courts are expos'd and detected. X. The tricks and cheats of bowling Gr[e]ens are discover'd, with an account of their methods of betting, &c. XI. The humours of the groom-porters, and the cheats of ordinaries, and other gaming-houses are expos'd. XII. The tricks of cockers and cock-matches, and the cheat of horse-races, and foot-matches, are discover'd. XIII. The villany of money droppers is expos'd, are the roguish methods they take to impose on countrymen. XIV. The tricks of bawds and whores are detected, with a description of a bawdy-house and the art of trapping. XV. The characters of a bully, setter and spunger. XVI. Particular observations and reflections upon several distinct occurrences of the town. XVII. The country gentleman is directed in the disposal of his estate in his absence, and in the management of himself in London
PublisherPrinted for H. Slater, at the Golden-Key, the corner of Clare-Court, Drury-Lane; and R. Adams, at Dryden's-Head, Holborn-Bars

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