The tryals of Haagen Swendsen, Sarah Baynton, John Hartwell and John Spurr. For feloniously stealing Mrs Pleasant Rawlins, a virgin and heiress of a considerable fortune: with An Intent to Cause and Procure the said Pleasant Rawlins against her Will, to Marry the said Haagen Swendsen. At the Queens Bench Bar at Westminster, Nov. 25. 1702. Before The Right Honourable the Lord Chief Justice Holt, and the rest of the Judges of the said Court, of which Fact the said Haagen Swendsen and Sarah Baynton were found Guilty, and the said Swendsen was executed for the same, Decemb. 9th following. The said Baynton being with Child was Reprieved after Sentence

Publication Date1703
Publisherprinted for Isaac Cleave next Serjeants Inn in Chancery-Lane

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