To be sold cheap, and warranted useful to all people who are in office, even from the peer, to the overseer of the parish; And very seasonable for Citizens, on a Lord Mayor's Day, Guzzle's elastic venison waistcoats, Knit very loosely; and so contrived, as to stretch to an enormous size; so that a man who hitherto was obliged to put up with a pound, may become a six or eight-pounder, without endangering his buttons, or being obliged to unlace. Sold at his house in Pudding-Lane, near the Monument. He also has Breeches, made of the same Materials, To provide against Accidents. Likewise, Ready-Made Turtle Dresses, From four to ten Reefs, with the Net-Work behind. They are so contrived, that while the master is feeding, his servant, behind the chair, may let out reef by reef, to the utmost extent of the skin, without disturbing the company. He has also, for the purpose of Turtle-Eating, The True Micrometer Caps, That measure and determine, from the stem of the head, what quantity is digested in any given time

Publication Date1785
Extent1 sheet
PublisherFowler, printer, Salisbury

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