A Scourge for oppressors, and such as wrong the poor

Publication Date1708
RemainderBeing a true and faithful account of God's divine judgment, shewn upon one [Ja]mes Adams of Milton near Cambridge: ...o having a great quantity of corn, refus'd to [s]ell it to the poor at the market-price, intending [t]o raise the market in prejudice of the poor: when it pleas'd God, on the 1st of this instant [s]eptember, to send a tempest of thunder and lighting, which burnt it all up, and part of his house [a]nd barn, and likewise all his grain that grew[th]is year. Being [wa]rning to all those who designedly go to wrong the poor by raising the price of bread. Truth of which will be attested by the Cambridge or Royston ...ches or carriers. And by James Chamberlin at the Crewel[shop] in Harrow-Alley in Fleet-Lane, near the Old-Baily[and] also by the printer of this book, where the letter is to be
PublisherPrinted by J. Read in White-Friers near Fleet-street


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