Propositions for correcting our calendar; theologically, theoretically, and mathematically demonstrated. Containing, First the Year, Day, and Time, when the Sun and Moon were first placed and conspicuous in the Heavens, with a brief Chronology from the Creation to the Birth of Christ. II. The Passion, Death, and Resurrection of our Lord, and if the Passion-Day, on our Thursday or Friday. III. The Solemn Feast of Easter, and the Primitive Traditions and Controversies about the Time and Day of Celebration, with new and correct Tables of Easter. IV. Propositions for correcting our Calendar, and removing our Fixed and Moveable Festivals, to their true Times and Seasons according to God's Command and Institution, without having any Regard to the Gregorian Correction. V. Festivals directed by New or Full Moons exploded; the Institution and Celebration of the Paschal Lamb in Egypt; the Passover, and all Jewish Ceremonies absolutely abolished. VI. The Antient and Present Arian Heresy exhibited and exploded. Vii. The Godhead, Divinity, Personality, and Unity of the most Holy Trinity prov'd, and defended against the Unitarian Doctrine of the Present Arians, as published and taught by them and others; and for suppressing the new Arian Meeting-House now errected and opened in Southwark. All which is most humbly submited to the Approbation of the King's most Excellent Majesty, in Council, and the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons of Great Britian in Parliament

Publication Date1736


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