E. Ballard's catalogue for 1768. Containing several valuable libraries and collections, lately purchased, of very scarce and uncommon books, In most Languages, Arts and Sciences, Chiefly in very good Condition and many on Large Paper, Including the libraries of Stephen Monteage Esq; and Dr Pelham Johnston; The Whole Consisting of near Ten Thousand Volumes. Amongst which are the Following, Folio. Universal Hist. Antient & Modern, 25 vol. complete. Rapin's Hist. & Continuation, 5 vol. complete Ceremonies & Religious Customs of all Nations, 6 vol. Biographia Britannica, 7 vol. complete. Dugdale's Monasticon Ang. & Continuation by Stevens, 3 vol. Dugdale's Origines Juridiciales, best Edit. Atkins's Hist. of Gloucestershire, 2 vol. Chauncy's Antiquities of Hertfordshire. Morton's Nat. Hist. of Northamptonshire. Plot's Nat. Hist. of Staffordsh. & Oxfordshire State Trials, 6 vol. best Edit. Guillim's Heraldry, Cuts colour'd, large pap. Fuller's Worthies of England. General Dictionary, 10 vol. Dictionaries by Bayle, Collier, Postlethwayte, Chambers, Ainsworth, Johnson, &c. &c. Catroue & Rouille's Roman Hist. 6 vol. Banier's Ovid, with Picart's Cuts, 2 vol. Voyages and Travels by Churchill, Harris, Purchas, Le Bruyn, Pococke, Motraye, Breval, &c. &c. Sir Walter Ralegh's Hist. 2 vol. Sir Paul Rycaut's Turkish Hist. 3 vol. System of Geography, Maps colour'd, 2 vol. Vertot's Hist. of the Knights of Malta, 2 vol. Lord Bacon's, Locke's, Milton's & Temple's Works. Folio. Albinus's Anatom. Tables, complete. Smellie's Tables of Midwifry. Petiver's Works on Nat. Hist. 3 vol. Hoffmanni Opera, 6 vol. Authores de Balneis, apud Juntas. Eustachii Tabulae Anat. ab Albino. Aristotelis Opera, Du Vallii, 2 vol. Thuani Hist. a Carte, 7 vol. Ciceronis Opera, Victorii, 2 vol. ap. R. Steph. Plinii Hist. Nat. Harduini, 3 vol. Platonis Opera, Serrani, 3 vol. Pindari Opera, Oxon. Thucydidis Hist. a Wasse & Dukero. Thucydides, Hudsoni, ch. max. Poetae Gr. Veteres omnes, a Lectio, 2 vol. Herodotus, Gronovii. Xenophon, Leunclavii. Athenaeus, Casauboni. Constantini & Scapulae Lexica, Edit. opt. Stephani (hen.) Thesaurus Gr. 5 vol. Stephani (rob.) Thesaurus Lat. 4 vol. Hickesii Thesaurus Ling. Vet. Septent. 3 vol. Hoffmanni Lexicon Universale, 4 vol. Suidae Lexicon Kusteri, 3 vol. Atlas par De L'isle, Paris. Desgodetz Edifices Antiques de Rome. Boulainvilliers Etat de France, 3 tom. Dictionaire de Morery, 6 tom. Hist. des Ordres Monastiques, avec belles fig. 8 tom. 4to. Which will be sold very Reasonable (for Ready Money only) with the lowest Price printed to each Book in the Catalogue, on Wednesday January 27, 1768, and continue daily on Sale. By Edward Ballard, Bookseller, At No 59. in Little Britain near Newgate-Street. Catalogues (price 6d) to be allowed in Purchase, May be had of the following Booksellers, viz. Mr Dodsley, Pall-Mall; Mr Robson, New Bond-Street; Mr Walter, Charing-Cross; Mr Lewis, Russel-Street, Covent-Garden; Mr Owen, Temple-Bar; Mr Brotherton, Cornhill; Child's Coffee-House, St Paul's Church-Yard; Mr Merrill at Cambridge, Mr Prince at Oxford, and at the Place of Sale. Where may be had the full Value for any Library or Collection

Publication Date1768


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