Miscellanies in verse and prose

Publication Date1744
RemainderBy Alexander Pope, Esq; and Dean Swift. In one volume. Viz. The strange and deplorable frensy of Mr. John Dennis. A full and true Account of a horrid and barbarous Revenge, by Poison, on the Body of Mr. Edmund Curll. With his Last Will and Testament. A strange, but true Relation how Edmund Curll was converted from the Christian Religion, by certain Jews, and how he was circumcised. God's Revenge against Punning. The wonderful Wonder of Wonders. The Wonder of all the Wonders, that ever the World wonder'd at. The humble Petition of the Colliers, Cook Maids, Blacksmiths, Jack-Makers, Brasiers, and others. Annus Mirabilis. Origin of Sciences. It cannot Rain, but it Pours; or, London strew'd with Rarities. An infallible Scheme to pay the Publick Debt of Ireland, in Six Months. A modest Proposal. A Vindication of my Lord Carteret Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. On the Fates of Clergymen. On modern Education. A true and faithful Narrative of what pass'd in London. Journal of a modern Lady. Country Life. Cutting down the old Thorn at Market-Hill. A Pastoral Dialogue. Mary the Cook Maid's Letter to Dr. Sheridan. A Dialogue between Mad Mullineux and Timothy. Epitaph on Francis Ch-is. Soldier and scholar. With several more epigrams, epitaphs, and poems
Publisherprinted for John Thomas, near St. Paul's


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