More advice to the Reverend the clergy of the peculiar jurisdiction of St Alban

Publication Date1729
Remainderwithin the diocese of London; given at a general visitation (both of the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire parts of it) in the Court-Consistorial at St Alban's, May 23. MDCCXXIX. Concerning, 1. The faithfull discharge of their Sacred Functions, 2. Their opinion of Woolston, The Accuser of the Brethren, 3. The Proposal offer'd for Augmenting the poorer Livings amongst them. By Philip Stubbs, B. D. sometime Fellow of Wadham College, Oxon; now Rector of St Mary's in Launton, Oxfordshire; and Arch-Deacon of St. Alban's
Publisherprinted at the Theatre: for Richard Clements Bookseller in Oxon; John Penn at the Bible and Dove in Fleet-Street; and J. Roberts at the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane, London



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