Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter

Publication Date1723
RemainderGiving an account of the laws and customs of the place, the offices, Court of Judicature, Gates, Walls, Rivers, churches, and Immunities: the titles and privileges of the several incorporations: with their distinct coats of arms engrav'd on copper plates. Together with a catalogue of all the bishops, mayors and sheriffs, from the year 1049. Originally collected by Richard Izacke, Esq ; heretofore Chamberlain thereof: and now improv'd and continued to the year 1722. by Samuel Izacke, Esq ; the present Chamberlain. To which is now added, a correct map of the said city, together with the Guild-Hall and Conduit.
Publisherprinted for Edward Score, John March, and Nathaniel Thorne, booksellers in Exon: and Samuel Birt, in Ave-Mary-Lane. London


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