The divine avenger

Publication Date1738
Remainderor, the fatal consequences of murder; exemplified in the following tragical relations: I. Of a Nobleman of Burgundy, who falling in Love with a Lady at Church, marries her; and living very happily, his Sister envies them, and contrives their Ruin by fomenting Jealousies betwixt them; which occasions a Duel betwixt him and another Gentleman; which not succeeding to her Wish, she poisons her Sister-in-Law, and then her Brother; for which she is tried, hang'd, burn'd, and her Ashes thrown into the Air. II. Of a Gentleman of Venice, who first by himself, and then by his Friend, sollicits the Love of a Lady of Milan. She falls desperately in Love with, and marries his Friend; which the Gentleman resenting, challenges, fights, and kills the Husband; in Revenge for which she employs two Ruffians to kill him; this being discover'd, she is hang'd, burnt, and her Ashes scatter'd in the Air. III. Of a French Nobleman, who falling in Love with a Farmer's Daughter, debauches her, and then causes her and her Infant to be murder'd, to make Way for his Preferment in Marriage to a Lady of a great Family and Fortune. His Villainy being discover'd, he is broke alive, and his Accomplices suffer the most ignominious Deaths. IV. Of a Gentleman and Lady of Valentia, who entertaining a mutual Love for each other, she to secure him her own, causes his Rival to be murder'd. They are married; but she giving him Cause of Jealousy, he murders her and her Paramour. This occasions a Duel between him and the Brother of her first Lover, in which he treacherously kills him; for which he is tried, confesses the formen Murder, and is executed. V. Of a Venetian, who murdered his Wife because she was old; for which he is tried and convicted on the Evidence of his own Daughter, and at last executed. Embellish'd with several curious copper-plate cuts adapted to the Work
Publisherprinted for W. Lloyd, next the King's-Arms Tavern in Chancery-Lane, near Fleet-Street; and sold by the booksellers and pamphlet-shops of London and Westminster


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