Tracts, concerning the ancient and only true legal means of national defence, by a free militia

Publication Date1782
RemainderI. The ancient common-law right of associating with the vicinage, in every county, district, or town, to support the civil magistrate in maintaining the peace. II. A general milltia, acting by a well-regulated rotation, is the only safe means of defending a free people. III. Remarks concerning the trained bands of the city of London:- with an addition, concerning the militia-laws for London. IV. Hints of some general principles, which may be useful to military associations. By Granville Sharp
PublisherFirst printed in 1781. Third edition, 1782. For Mr. Dilly, Poultry; Mr. White, Fleet-street; Mr. Payne, Pall-Mall; and Mr. Stockdale, Piccadilly


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