Tenants law

Publication Date1718
Remainderor, the laws concerning landlords, tenants, and farmers. (viz.) 1. Of the several Kinds of Tenures, as well Freehold as Copyhold. 2. Of Leases, Covenants, Surrenders, Assignments, &c. 3. Of Rent: Acceptance and Extinguishment thereof. 4. Of Crops growing, and Trees blown down, &c. who are entitled to them. 5. Of Distresses, Replevins, and Rescous. 6. Of Waste in Buildings, Lands, Woods, &c. whether voluntary or permissive. 7. Of Common for Cattle. 8. Of Frauds in buying and selling Lands or Goods. 9. Of Trespasses and Nusances. 10. Of the late Act to prevent Fires; and Rules to be observed in erecting of new Buildings about London. Useful for all Landlords, Tenants, Farmers, Stewards, Agents, Solicitors, and others, concerned in the buying, selling or letting of estates. The seventh edition. In which are added all such Acts of Parliament and Resolutions as relate to these Subjects, down to the present year 1718
PublisherIn the Savoy: printed by Eliz. Nutt, and R. Gosling (assigns of Edw. Sayer Esq;) and sold by J. Walthoe, in the Temple Cloisters; and J. Walthoe Junr, against the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill

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