The history and antiquities of the four Inns of Court

Publication Date1780
Remaindernamely, The Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn; and of the nine Inns of Chancery; to wit, Clifford's Inn, Clement's Inn, Lion's Inn, New Inn, Strand Inn, Furnival's Inn, Thavies Inn, Staple Inn, and Barnard's Inn; also of Serjeant's Inn in Fleet-Street and Chancery-Lane, and Scroop's Inn: Containing Every particular Circumstance relative to each of them, comprized in the well-known and justly celebrated work, written by Sir William Dugdale, and published in Folio in the Years 1666, 1671, and 1680, under the title of Origines juridiciales, &c. To which is subjoined an appendix, containing Several Modern Orders made by the Society of Lincoln's Inn; namely, For appointing a Preacher, &c. - Their summary Method of proceeding by Padlock, Bar, and Watch, against a Member who suffers an Inmate to inhabit his Chambers, &c. Order against the Benchers nominating Objects for the Sacrament Money, &c. Also lists of the present benchers of the four Inns of Court. The whole is published by Desire of some Members of Parliament, in order to point out the Abuses in the Government of the Inns of Court and Chancery, and to propose such Expedients for remedying them, and regulating the Study and Practice of the Law, by Act of Parliament, as shall be judged necessary
Publisherprinted for G. Kearsly, No 46, Fleet-Street



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