Fourteen discourses

Publication Date1717
Remainderon some of the most important heads in divinity and morality: delivered all of them (except the 13th) upon Saints or other Solemn Days, at the cathedral and metropolitane church of Canterbury. I. The folly of atheism, Irreligion, and Disloyalty. II. The Necessity of Religion in general, and Submission to the Will of God. III. The Divinity and the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. IV. The Reasonableness and Benefits of the Christian Religion. V. The Truth and Certainty of a general Resurrection of the Dead. VI. The Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven, and the Consequences of it to Men upon Earth. Vii. The Nature and Diversitys of Christian Grace, or the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Viii, IX. A Display of Envy, with the ill Effects and the Remedys of it. X. The great Duty of Charity or Christian Love. XI. A Caution given against the Danger of Sensuality. XII. Of Perseverance in Religion, the under Tribulation or Persecution for it. XIII. The Faithful Stewards, or the Pastoral Duty open'd. XIV. The Christian sacrifice. By Thomas Wise D. D. and one of the Six Preachers at Christ-Church in Canterbury
Publisherprinted for W. Taylor at the Ship in Paternoster-Row





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