The gentleman's assistant, tradesman's lawyer, and country-man's friend

Publication Date1720
RemainderI. Directing them in Contracts, Bargains and Agreements, whereby they may learn to buy and contract safely, and cautiously avoid being over-reached in their Bargains, &c. II. Concerning borrowing, lending and restoring, and of Goods pledged and pawned. III. Setting forth several other adjudged Cases relating to Tradesmen, &c. IV. Cases relating to Farmers, and concerning Stoppage of Ways, Water-Courses, Lights, Commons, and several other Nusances. V. Concerning scandalous Words, purposely spoken to the Prejudice of a Man, &c. VI. Concerning Leases, Mortgages, Corn, Waste, Distresses, &c. Also many other matters relating to Landlord and Tenant. Vii. Concerning discharging and ending of Actions, Suits and Controversies, and therein largely concerning Arbitrements, Awards and Umpirage, with all their Circumstances. Viii. Certain Statute-Laws, concerning Labourers, Tradesmen, Artificers, Apprentices, Petty Chapmen, &c. Collected from the ancient and modern law-books, and confirmed by several Authorities; and therefore may be useful as well to the Professors of the Law, as to Gentlemen, Tradesmen and others. The third edition, corrected and enlarged with an appendix and many other proper Additions; with a Table to the Whole
PublisherIn the Savoy: printed by Eliz. Nutt and R. Gosling, (assigns of Edw. Sayer, Esq;) for Fr. Clay, at the Bible without Temple-Bar; and W. Battersby, at Staple's Inn Gate next the Bars in Holborn

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