Solid geometry

Publication Date1703
Remainderor, foundation of measuring, of all manner of solid bodies. Most accurately demonstrated in various propostions; and applied to practice in the exact mensuration of timber or stone (though never so irregular) being of great use to all carpenters, Bricklayers and Masons, &c. But Particularly intended, for the true Gauging of all Manner of Vessels, of what Form or Figure soever; either in whole or in part: As Wine, Beer-Casks, Brewers-Tuns and Coppers, Backs or Coulers. Being very useful for all Gaugers, Generals, Surveyors, Supervisors, and all other Gaugers, &c. To which is now added, a very necessary appendix explaining and facilating the former Work, in the Practical Part thereof; being of singular Use to all Persons concern'd therein: The like not Extant in the English Tongue. Recommended to the Reader by the Royal Society
Publisherprinted for J. Conyers at the Bible and Anchor near St. Peter's Church in Cornhill



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