A new practical essay on cancers

Publication Date1783
Remaindercontaining, I. An Account of their Nature, Causes, and different Species. II. A Detail of the general Method of Practice, commonly called rational or palliative. III. A Description of the Remedies proposed by some as Specifics, but found to be either dangerous or ineffectual; with Remarks on the same. IV. The most safe, efficacious, and only certain Method of Cure, for every Species of Schirrusses and Cancers without Cutting, Caustic, or any painful Operation; as may be seen by the Cases annexed. V. Brief Remarks on Ulcers and Cancers of the Womb. To which is added, a dissertation on the disorders occasioned by the milk; with Necessary Cautions and Directions to lying-in Women. Pointing out their dangerous Consequences, And the Means of Prevention and Cure. A new edition. By J. Burrows, M.D. No. 6, Upper James-Street, Golden-Square
Publisherprinted for the author; and sold by J. Barker, Russell Court, Drury Lane ; G. Kearsly, No. 46, Fleet Street ; and T. Axtell at the Royal Exchange,


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