A commentary upon the book of the Revelation

Publication Date1739
RemainderWherein The Text is explained, the Series of the several Prophecies contained in that Book, deduced according to their Order and Dependance upon each other; The Periods and Succession of Times, at, or about which, these Prophecies, that are already fulfilled, began to be, and were more fully accomplished, fixed and applied according to History; And those that are yet to be fulfilled, modestly, and so far as is warrantable, enquired into. Together with Some practical Observations, and several Digressions, (an Index whereof is prefixed) necessary for vindicating, clearing, and confirming many weighty and important Truths. Delivered in several Lectures, by that Learned, Laborious, and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. James Durham, late Minister of the Gospel in Glasgow. To which is affixed a brief Summary of the whole Revelation, with an Alphabetical Index of the chief and principal Purposes and Words contained in this Commentary. As also two sermons preached by the author, on Rev. xxii. 20. Together with a Collection of some memorable Things in his Life
Publisherprinted by William Duncan, and are to be sold at his shop in the Salt-Market, in Gibson's-Land



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