The sufferings and surprizing adventures of Mr. Philip Quarll

Publication Date1750
Remainderwho was lately discovered by Mr. Dorrington, a Bristol Merchant, upon an uninhabited Island in the South-Sea; where he has lived above Fifty Yeats, without any human Assistance, still continues to reside, and will not come away. Containing, I. His Conferences with Those who found him out, so whom he recites the most material Circumstances of his Life; as, that he was born in the Parish of St. Giles's, educated by the charitable Contribution of a Lady, and put 'prentice to a Lock-Smith. II. How he left his Master, and was taken up with a notorious House-Breaker, who was hanged; how, after this Escape, he went to Sea a Cabbin-Boy, married a famous Whore, listed himself a common Soldier, turned Singing-Master, and married Three Wires, for which he was tried and condemned at the Old-Baily. III. How he was pardoned by King Charles II. turned Merchant, and was shipwreck'd on this desolate Island on the Coast of Mexico
Publishersold by the booksellers of London and Westminster


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