Valuable secrets in arts and trades

Publication Date1800
RemainderOR, Approved Directions from the best Artists. containing, upwards of one thousand approved receipts. For The Various Methods Of Engraving on Brass, Copper, or Steel. Of the Composition of Metals Of the Composition of Varnishes Of Mastich, Cements, Sealing-Wax, &c. &c. Of the Glass Manufactory, various Imitations of Precious Stones, and French Paste Of Colours and Painting, useful for Carriage Painters Of Painting on Paper Of Compositions for Limners Of transparent Colours Colours to dye Skins or Gloves To colour or varnish Copperplate Prints. Of Painting on Glass Of Colours of all Sorts for Oil, Water, and Crayons Of preparing the Lapis Lazuli, to make Ultramarine Of the Art of Gilding The Art of dying Wood, Bones, &c. The Art of Casting in Moulds Of making useful Sorts of Ink. The Art of making Wines Of the Composition of Vinegars Of Liquors, Essential Oils, &c. Of the Confectionary Business. The Art of preparing Snuffs, &c. Of taking out Spots and Stains. Art of Fishing, Bird-Catching, &c. And other subjects, curious, entertaining, and useful
Publisherprinted for J. Barker, (dramatic Repository) Great Russell-Street, Covent-Garden, and J. Scatcherd, Ave-Maria Lane

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