The mysteries of love reveal'd

Publication Date1740
Remainderor, rules for the conduct of ladies and gentlemen in their amours. Containing I. The nature and power of love. II. The Means to submit Love to Reason. III. Of the Qualities which a Lover ought to possess, to make him capable to please, and to render himself beloved by his Mistress. IV. The Character of a valiant Man. V. Rules to be observed by a Gentleman in the Conduct of Love. VI. Rules to be observed by a Lady in the Conduct of Love. Vii. How to discover when a Lady approves of a Declaration of Love. Viii. General rules to be observed, by which Love may be descern'd in its various Shapes
PublisherPrinted for W. Lloyd, next the Kings-Arms Tavern in Chancery-Lane, near Fleet-Street; and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster

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