The famous bull or constitution unigenitus

Publication Date1734
Remainderput forth by Pope Clement the XIth, against father Quesnelle's translation of the New Testament into the vulgar tongue; out of which were extracted (by Sixty of the Bishops who met at Paris) one hundred and one Propositions, that were anathematized, in particular, by the said Pope's Bull; and his whole Works, in general, were condemned (all which the Parliament and Clergy of France are now contending about) and are commonly called Baianism and Janscnism. The whole impartially related in these Memoirs of John Gordon, who was thirteen Years in the Scots College at Paris, among the Secular Clergy; but being accused of teaching the Principles condemned by the Bull, he made his Escape to Scotland, where he renounced Popery before the Presbytery of Edinburgh, and got my Lord Chief Justice Clerk's Protection; an Account of which is here prefixed. Wherein the absurdities and delusions of popery are laid open, and the infallibility of the Romish church is confuted. Also A brief History of the most material Errors in Popery, and an exact chronological history of all the popes (being 249 in Number) from St. Peter to this present Time, and what is most remarkable in their Lives is recorded. To which is added, a refutation of the supremacy of the Roman church, and the popish doctrine of indulgencies. By John Gordon, M.A.
Publisherprinted for John Oswald, at the Rose and Crown in the Poultry




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