The dancing-Master

Publication Date1731
Remainderor, the whole art and mystery of dancing explained; And the Manner of Performing all Steps in Ball-Dancing made short and easy. In two parts The First, Treating of the proper Positions and different Attitudes for Men and Women, from which all the Steps are taken and performed; adorned with instructive Figures: And a Description of the Minuet-Figure, shewing the beautiful Turns of the Body in that Dance: As also the Manner how Men and Women ought to walk gracefully with a genteel Behaviour upon all Occasions. Likewise the Ceremonial, as used at the King's Great Ball, and of behaving genteely at Regulated Balls. The Second, Of the Use and agreeable Motions of the Arms and Legs in taking their proper Movements, and forming the Contrast. With Figures for their better Explanation; In Sixty Draughts, done from the Life, and Engraved on Copper Plates. This Work will be very Useful to all Gentlemen and Ladies who take Delight in this Exercise, and to those which keep Boarding-Schools; for this will give their Scholars a just Notion of Address, a good Carriage, and genteel Behaviour. Done from the French of Monsieur Rameau, by J. Essex, Dancing-Master
Publisherprinted, and sold by him [i.e. J. Essex] at his house in Rood-Lane, Fenchurch street; and J. Brotherton, Bookseller, at the Bible in Cornhill



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