The tavern scuffle

Publication Date1726
Remainderor, the club in an uproar ; occasion'd by a hot dispute, between Mr. Swell-Gut, a Brewer, And and Mr. Scorch-Gut, a Distiller, concerning Geneva, the reigning liquior now in vogue among the common People. Plainly shewing the ill Effects arising from the Use of that Liquor, both in Respect to the Body of Man in Particular, and the publick Welfare in General. With the comical Observations and Opinions of Toby Funk the Tobacconist, Peter Dash the Vintner, Benjamin Bolus the Apothecary, Moderator; and Mr. Oliver Hum-Drum, Chairman. The whole Dispute committed to Writing, with all imaginable Justice, and submitted to the Judgment of the Publick. By Saynought Slyboots, Secretary
Publisherprinted and sold by T. Warner, in Pater-Noster-Row




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