A description of the nature of slavery among the Moors

Publication Date1721
RemainderAnd the cruel sufferings of those that fall into it; With the Manner of their being brought and sold like Beasts at Publick Markets; and several curious Incidents relating to the Customs now in Use with the Barbarians, from the King to the meanest Peasant. To which is added, an account of Capt. Stuart's negociations for the redemption of the English captives, as also the Success thereof; with an exact List of the Persons that were redeem'd, the Number of those that turn'd Moors, or dy'd during the Treaty, and their Passage Home, and the Names and Ladings of the respective Ships taken by the Sallee Rovers, from October 5, 1714, to July 14, 1721. written by one of the said redeem'd captives
Publisherprinted and sold by J. Peele, at Lock's Head in Pater-Noster Row




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