The gentleman and tradesman's compleat assistant

Publication Date1768
Remainderor, the whole art of measuring and estimating, made easy. In three parts. Part I. Contains, the Names and exact Prices of all Artificers Work in General, relating to Building, v.z. such as Bricklayers, Carpenters, Joiners, Carvers, Plaisterers, Painters, Masons, Plumbers, Glaziers, Slaters, Paviours, Smiths, &c. Part II. Contains, the Method of squaring Dimensions, or measuring the said Artificers Works at large, thro' all their various Branches, both by Cross-Multiplication and Inspectionary Tables, to the Extent of an hundred Feet square, including Tables, which shew the Number of Squares, square Yards, and also the Square Root of any Number of Feet, &c. whatsoever required. Part III. Contains, Geometrical Definitions of Lines, Angles, &c with the most useful and necessary Problems, or the Rudiments of Practical Geometry, Mensuration of Superficies, &c. Illustrated with copper-plates. The Whole made perfectly easy and intelligible to the meanest Capacity. By J. Leadbeater, and assistants
Publisherprinted by Samuel Chandler, for H. Webley, Bookseller, in Holborn, near Chancery-Lane; W. Todd, accomptant, in Adam and Eve Court, opposite Poland-Street. Oxford-Road; and H. Turpin, Bookseller, at the Golden Key, in St. John's-Street, West-Smithfield


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