The deceitful Irishman

Publication Date1750
Remainderand artful cheat; being the whole life and remarkable robberies and forgeries, committed by William Smith, who was executed at Tyburn on Wednesday the 3d of October. Shewing how he was bred at the University, and the artful Tricks he made use of to rob and defraud his Master and several Bankers to the amount of Five Hundred Pounds. Escapes on Board the Surprize Man of War, and is promoted to be Captain's Clark, and as a mark of his Gratitude, robs the Ship of above Two Hundred Pounds in money belonging to the poor Seamen, and a large Quantity of Plate. Likewise a Remarkable Piece of Ingratitude to his Friend who cloath'd him and had him cur'd of a bad Distemper, which Kindness being done him, he cheats his Friend of a large Sum of money, and going under Pretence of thanking the Doctor, claps a Pistol to his Head in his own House in order to rob him, is disappointed, and makes out a mournful Tale whereby he gets more money of the Doctor than by robbing him. With many more Rogueries too redious to mention
Publisherprinted by T. Jones in the Old-Bailey


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